The concept of a Toastmaster

The concept of a Toastmaster as merely a loud voice who bangs a gavel and make a few announcements is completely inaccurate - even though those few announcements are often the only visible signs to indicate their presence. They are experts in procedure and etiquette and add dignity to each and every occasion.

Their spectrum of activity is the overall co-ordination and steering of every type of event calling for any degree of formality.  They are also at ease in those situations where only a gentle, guiding hand is needed. Nowadays, experienced Toastmasters are being utilised at conferences and company presentations, as they have that rare combination of tact, diplomacy and management skills for the effective articulate direction of large numbers of people.
In addition to that high degree of sensitivity and empathy, their armoury encompasses a very considerable breadth of knowledge of protocol and event organisation.

Using a Professional Toastmaster ensures the following:

  • The client or organiser is free from anxiety enabling him /her to enjoy the event.
  • The management of the venue is allowed to concentrate on their own tasks.
  • You may be confident that responsibility for detailed co-ordination can be reliably delegated.
  • You will have independent advice and on-going consultancy available on the different facets of the event.
  • You are assured a reliable professional service to the standards  required of a  professionally trained Toastmaster.
  • Your event will be conducted with authority and dignity, without an overbearing attitude.
  • You achieve that extra "touch of class" and style to complement the occasion.


The Professional Toastmaster

In summary, a Toastmaster is  a skilled:

  • Master of Ceremonial
  • Surrogate Host
  • Management Specialist
  • Protocol, Procedure and Etiquette Expert
  • Compere
  • Diplomat
  • Presenter
  • Announcer                                             
  • Group Organiser
  • Event Co-ordinator